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Inside HappyWriter, creative writers like you come together to support one another, get answers to the questions you can’t Google, learn craft from experts, and so much more.

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Unlike other social platforms, HappyWriter is a space just for creative writers.

That’s right, you don’t need to explain why you hear voices in your head. We get it, because we’re just like you.

Inside HappyWriter there are groups for every genre, places for you to join a book club, and even find an accountability partner. 

We’re a real community of writers. We care and support each other, because we believe writers need writers.

Free Weekly Craft Classes

Each week, join a free live craft writing course taught by world-class educators. Learn how to plot, ask questions of experts, and engage with a thriving community. Classes are streamed live, giving you the opportunity to learn about writing with a community of writers.

Each quarter, also engage in a week-long writing challenge. Trust me. These week’s are insane and an absolute blast. Learn how to plot a novel in 5 days or build a dynamic character.

Missed the course? No problemo. Replays and forever access available for purchase right within HappyWriter.

Upcoming Live Events in HappyWriter

Latest Past Events

How to Organize Your Research with Jess Lahey

Research-based nonfiction: journalist, #AmWriting podcast host, and NYT bestselling author Jessica Lahey will share what she’s learned about hunting down and organizing digital and paper research, managing those resources while writing, and turning all of it into a final, accepted manuscript.

How to Turn Fan Fiction to Original Fiction with Katie Golding

Transforming your fanfiction into publishable original fiction can feel like starting over with a blank page. But with your story already written, the hardest part is done! With a mixture of name changes, a dash of an external plot, and a sprinkle of legal double-checks, you’ll be ready to bring your story to a whole …

How to Turn Fan Fiction to Original Fiction with Katie Golding Read More »

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On the move? No problemo. Jump onto HappyWriter on your mobile device or tablet. Want to deep-dive using your computer? We’re here.

HappyWriter is available anywhere you go, so you can learn on the go, respond to your tribe, and sub that mind-melting Facebook time for filling up your writing bucket.

Over 100 hours of craft education

Enjoy one of the largest libraries of writing courses, challenges, coaches, and book editors, all just one click away.

We’re here to support you on your journey by providing MFA-level education for a fraction of the cost. We believe every writer should have access to world-class craft education. 

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