MFA-Level Craft Education

Without the MFA Cost​

Writing is hard.

I know, you’re thinking, “Tell me something I don’t know.” 

The stack of skills and writing know-how is nearly endless, from learning how to plot a novel to how to work with agents. One thing is true: If you want to tell stories, there is a mountain of learning you’ll have to climb.

The problem is the best information is locked away in expensive MFA programs.

These programs hire the best instructors to teach small classes. They share the insider secrets that shave off 5, 10, or 20 years off of a writer’s journey.

I get it. I went to NYU because I wanted to study with the best instructors I could find. But it cost me 2-years working around the clock and a painful amount of money. 

Every writer deserves the highest quality craft education and it’s time for something new.

HappyWriter’s All-Access Pass is the new MFA. We’ve brought in the best craft educators to teach short, action-packed sessions. 

Learn everything you need to write world-class fiction. It’s all there in the All-Access Pass.

We’ve done the hard work of curating the perfect education program for fiction writers, so you don’t need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on an MFA program. The All-Access Pass is everything you need to learn the craft of fiction writing.

Over 50 hours of growth awaits you! 

Craft Education Designed for Massive Results

(and not to pick your pocket)

Over 35 craft courses with 20+ new courses added each year

Dive into every craft writing course we’ve ever made. Plus, we’re adding more every month, and you’ll enjoy automatic access to each new course.

Learn on the go

Take the All-Access Pass with you. Access every course on our mobile app. Download content right to your mobile device so your learning is always with you.

Download dozens of workbooks, templates, and homework

Information without application is useless. Most of our courses come with easy-to-use materials that make it simple to apply the course content to your writing practice.

All of the good stuff, none of the fluff

Most of our courses are 60-minutes or less, so you can listen while you commute to work, wash the dishes, or take a walk.

Learn from over 30 world-class instructors, like...

James Wade

James’ debut novel, All Things Left Wild,won the Western Writers of America Spur Award for Best Historical Novel and the MPIBA’s Reading the West Award for Best Debut Fiction. His second novel, River, Sing Out, was released in the summer of 2021.

Michelle Hazen

Michelle is a KindleWorld’s best-seller author, writing in the Vampire Diaries-world. She has self published several romance books and is now traditionally published with Penguin Random House.

Does this sound familiar?

"I don't have the time to write."

Nicole Dieker’s How to build a Writing Routine will teach you how to carve out your writing time from a full time-life

"I don't know what to write next!"

Take the Plot Your Novel in Five Days to format a rock solid plot so you never have to guess what comes next.

"My character feels flat."

Jump into the Create Electric Characters in five days challenge. We give you the step-by-step template to make propulsive characters. 

I love this platform! So much great content, an amazing collection of talented and super supportive fellow writers, and organizers who are friendly, accessible, and engaged. I couldn’t ask for a better compliment to my DIY MFA strategy than HappyWriter.

Rebecca, a HappyWriter

Here's the thing

It is really hard to do something if you don’t know how to do it.

If you want to build a house, and all you have is a hammer and some nails, you’re going to have a really hard time with the plumbing. 

Sounds obvious, right?

But the reality is there. If you want to write novels–to sit down and write with confidence–you’ve gotta know what you are doing. It’s not enough to wing it. If you don’t have the tools, it will make the journey nearly impossible.

If you are serious about writing novels, this stuff counts. It helps to know exactly how to plot a novel, or how to build a world.

I’ve interviewed over 100 authors on my podcast, and each and every one was a master of craft. Yes, writing is still hard, but it is that much easier when you have the know-how.

With knowledge comes skill.

With skill comes confidence.

With confidence comes results. 

The All-Access Pass contains everything you need to write novels. It won’t write them for you. You’re still going to sit down each day at the desk.

But you better believe the All-Access Pass is going to make it 100x easier.

You don't need an MFA. And you can kiss endless YouTube videos goodbye.

$16.41 /mo

$197 Billed Annually

$27 /mo

Monthly Access

We 100% guarantee you will love it

30-day Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee you’ll love the All-Access Pass, and if for whatever reason you don’t love it, we’ll refund 100% of your investment. No questions asked. No hoops to jump through. We’re here to serve you, the writer, and if the All-Access Pass doesn’t blow your socks off, we’ll make it right.


write your first - or best - novel yet!

Writing a novel is a long, complex process. There are characters to develop, plotlines to map, and worlds to build. And that’s just the start!

The All-Access Pass is your one-stop-shop for all of the craft education you need to write your novel. We cover it all, including:

  • Process 
  • Craft 
  • Character Development 
  • Planning 
  • Motivation 
  • Discipline 
  • Pitching 
  • Plotting
  • Storytelling Spotlight
  • Worldbuilding

With the HappyWriter All-Access Pass, you’ll get access to all these online courses, mini-courses, writing challenges, and more from dozens of best-selling authors, coaches, and editors.

I’ve taken two Happy Writers 5 day challenges. Their organizers, Brian and Abby, are fantastic in presenting valuable information via video and handouts. They respond to questions. I’m sad it’s ending, but thankful I am in their monthly writer’s group. Loved the Q&A with well-known authors.Their is much offered on a regular basis -Mary P

I have taken 3 of the 5-day workshops which have been wonderful learning experiences. I have taken many other workshops and these have been the most valuable and have helped me make the most progress on my first-time novel. – Mary L

Instead of trying to get writers to merely increase the number of words on the page, the exercises “How Writers Write” teach you how to put a finger on your own unique writing process and access the writer waiting inside you! – Donnell B

Happy Writer gave me back the fire I’ve been missing. Brian’s not one-size-fits-all approach has been a game changer. If you’re lost without the how to, support and community, you’ll definitely, find it here. From beginners to advanced there’s something here for all levels of writers. I’ve never felt so at home. Grateful I’ve found my place at Happy Writer.♥️ – Kinsey T

HappyWriter gives you guidance, community, accountability, and support in developing your writing life. Brian and Abby work so hard to bring us access to some wonderful guest authors, editors, and coaches, so we can learn from and interact with them. They work just as hard to make sure we’re forging connections with each other through the dashboard, live events, and writing groups. We’re developing an authentic writing community there, and I’ve become so much more confident and dedicated to my writing in just a few months with HappyWriter. I can’t wait to see what’s next. – Anamika

I am so overjoyed that I found the Happy Writer community! Part-social media, part-online learning, Happy Writer has given me the tools and encouragement to grow as a writer. I am continually amazed at the love and creative energy that is poured into the coursework, challenges, coaching, and community building by the organizers and the members themselves. I only joined a few short months ago but I can’t imagine my writing life without this amazing group. I have seen more progress on my novel in three months than I have seen in two years. Thank you!!! – Bryanna

This group has worked wonders for my writing and I don’t think there’s anything out there that compares especially for the price. I joined this group after a week-long writing challenge and am so glad I did. Brian and Abby are exceptional people who really have a heart for mentoring others in writing and a knack for infusing the joy back into writing. They have courses covering writing craft and writer’s mindset, both critical for getting words on a page and finally finishing that novel. The community is supportive and collaborative, exactly what writers need because no man is an island! Suffice to say I’m definitely a HappyWriter 🙂 – Kim

I am loving the inspiration and accountability I’m getting by being a part of this writers group. Both the content and the community are really motivating and the founder, Brian, and community manager, Abby, bring such great energy to the group. – Amy G

I learned about Happy Writer through taking the Plot your Novel in 5 Days challenge. I realized that accountability was lacking in my day to day writing life. I signed up for Happy Writer to find both accountability and support in the writing community. Coming with it, I am finding structure and discipline. – Ann

How Writers Write is a positive, uplifting experience. The moderators/mentors are helpful, understanding, and have a positive attitude. The workshops are informational and although writing based, the strategies are often adaptable life skills. The access to other writers is extremely valuable. The website is easily accessible and the mentors are quick to respond. What I would find helpful is a better explanation of the writing “lingo” for those of us that are new to the writing a novel process.

I’ve been extremely pleased with HappyWriter. It’s a great community that helps me grow as a writer. I’m impressed with the quality of the courses offered. – Carolyn

Every Single Course Included in the All-Access Pass

And each month we add 2+ more!

I'm really proud of the All-Access Pass.

The All-Access Pass means a lot to me. In a way, it is my response to the insane cost restrictions most writers face when accessing high-quality writing education. 

This isn’t just a block of courses. It is the result of my 2-year MFA, coaching hundreds of writers, interviewing over 100 authors, and producing 35+ online courses. It’s the best I can do to offer writer’s the pinnacle education at a great price. 

The All-Access Pass is a step towards fulfilling my personal mission, which is to inspire and empower writers to tell their story. 

And so I stand behind this. There are hundreds and hundreds of hours of planning, presentation, and editing that have gone into offering you these 35+ courses. 

It’s all of the good stuff, none of the fluff. It’s what I wish I had before I spent $50,000 on my MFA.


Let's Sum it Up: Everything Included in the All-Access Pass

  • 35+ craft fiction courses
  • Over 50 hours of craft writing courses
  • Replays of every live course
  • The opportunity to learn from dozens of best-selling authors, coaches, and editors 
  • 24/7 access
  • Downloadable lessons for offline viewing on our iOS/Android app
  • Automatic access to new courses added monthly


Do I get access to ALL HappyWriter craft courses with the All-Access Pass?

Yes! With the All-Access Pass, you get access to all of our recorded online courses! Catch any replay, whenever you want!


Can I download courses?

Yes, you can download courses to your mobile app.


Will I get access to all future craft courses?

Yes, If you miss a live course, we will upload it into the All-Access Pass within seven business days. So, even if you miss the live event, you can watch it whenever you’d like.


Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes. You can manage your subscription so you are not re-billed the yearly amount.


Can I get a refund?

Yes, we offer an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee. No questions asked.