HappyWriter Book Coaching

We believe every writer has a story to tell, but sometimes their story is buried beneath limiting beliefs, poor writing habits, weak discipline, and developing craft. 

Add to the fact that storytellers often have to push through deep fears of rejection and inadequacy. And often, we do this work completely alone. No wonder so many writers give up before their story is told!

Working with a coach is the fastest way for a writer to develop and push through the hard times in the writing journey.

Book coaching is often centered around producing pages and receiving feedback. And, while this practice is immensely valuable, it is not enough. To become a storyteller, a writer must transform from the inside out. Transformation for a writer means developing her writing craft and the strategies a writer needs to sit down and write day after day.

We coach the entire writer.
Not just the book.

HappyWriter’s coaching philosophy is different. We coach the entire writer, not just her work-in-progress. We believe that it is vital to teach a writer how to create a sustainable writing life while also expanding her craft tools. When a writer has developed both, she will produce good work for a lifetime.

Coaching is not magic. Your coach will not write your novel for you. But, your coach will support you every step. This support increases the odds of your successfully finishing your novel.

Coaching offers an intimate, one-on-one experience between the writer and coach. While each ultimate coaching relationship is unique, all coaching packages include:

  • Goal planning: At the core of a successful book coaching relationship is for the coach to align with the writer’s goals. That might mean finishing a first draft or learning to write through fear.
  • Work submission & feedback: The writer will submit up to 20 finished pages per month for review. The book coach will read the pages and provide a developmental edit and editorial letter to the writer.
  • Monthly one-on-one Zoom meetings: The writer and coach will meet for 60 minutes one per month to review the work submitted, check-in on the progress to goals, and work on the personal development of the writer.

Step One – Discovery

The first step in the HappyWriter’s Coaching Process is to fill out the form below. Both Abby and Brian will review your coaching form, and then we’ll schedule a 30-minute intro call with you. On this call we will run through our brand-new “Writer Within” audit to ensure we capture your coaching needs.

Step Two – Matching

With your audit complete, we will match you with 1-3 HappyWriter coaches for you to “interview.” You do not to make a commitment to coaching or HappyWriter at this stage.

You will receive pricing and a plan from each coach, but you should expect to invest $2,000 over four-to-six months+ with your coach.

Step Three – Get writing!

Once you’ve selected your coach, you will develop a unique, one-on-one plan with your coach. With your place in place, it is time to get writing!