The Shortcut to Great Characters: Using the Enneagram Test

Writing real, believable characters can be tough. Dani has a shortcut! Why not use a personality test, like the Enneagram, as your cheatsheet for character development?!

Join book coach Dani Abernathy as she shows you how to dive into the Enneagram test to help you make your characters as real and palpable as your friends, neighbors, and co-workers!

We’ll cover:
*What is the Enneagram?
*Why does it work for writers?
*How to use it to jumpstart a character’s personality
*Develop a character’s backstory and arc
*Use it then create an antagonist and cast of characters that compliments the story you want to tell
*Finally, she introduces her Enneagram Character Illumination Guide (which, by the way, is in the form of a detailed spreadsheet, for all our spreadsheet lovers out there!)

Meet Dani

Dani started writing novels as a way to connect with herself in the haze of mothering young children. She is a certified book coach, and loves working with fellow fantasy writers. She’s also an Enneagram 4 and INFJ, who will willingly commiserate with you about the difficult times of life, but just don’t ask her to do a lively jig. She’s out. Perhaps this explains why a book only earns five stars from Dani if it makes her cry. She’s a self-professed perfectionist—but the kind who always overthinks her work and choices, not the kind who keeps a spotless house. Please don’t come over unannounced.

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