Build Your World in Five Days

From the deep-reaches of space, to a magical realm, the world your story occupies is critically important. But, building a world from scratch is hard. There are places and languages, customs and rules. It’s enough to make a writer’s head spin.

Fear not. The HappyWriter team is back with a brand-new challenge: Build Your World in Five Days. 

In this challenge for all fiction writers, you will learn how to build a world so rich it feels like a character of its own. The kind of world that captures reader’s imaginations and transports them from their world into yours. 

If you want to learn how to build your world, this challenge is for you!

In this challenge you’ll learn:

  • To identify core components of your story to build a world that truly serves your story
  • To discover how to create the rules that govern your world 
  • Practical strategies for keeping track of your world’s details
  • To know what to do when you discover something new about your world

Who is this challenge for?

  • Fiction writers
  • Fiction writers who write in any genre 
  • Fiction writers who have just started writing
  • Fiction writers who have been writing for decades
  • Writers who are traditionally published
  • Writers who are self-published
  • Writers who are not yet published

Meet the Instructor

Erin Michelle Gibes is a writer, certified book coach, & project manager for writers who need practical, realistic strategies for translating their otherworldly dreams into a polished manuscript. 

Her specialties are helping writers with structure, pacing, worldbuilding, and staying true to their instincts as storytellers. 

Erin holds a master’s degree in education. Her fiction has been published (as Erin Jendras) in Cicada magazine, the Not Your Average Monster Anthology Vol. II, Devilfish Review, and others. She has also written on narcissism and the cycle of abuse on

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Course Includes

  • 7 Lessons