First Draft Finishers!

EPISODE 7 of From Start to Finish: 10 Stages of Writing a Novel with Jen Braaksma
First Draft Finishers!

Yay! Yay! Yay! Finishing a first draft is a huge accomplishment! You’re riding high because you did it. You persevered through the dark middle and made it to the end.

Only it’s not the end, is it? Just as you finally accepted the first draft doesn’t have to be perfect, you realize just how not perfect it truly is. Which means there’s so much work ahead of you. And after all your effort you really, truly just want to be done. But where do you even go next?

Join me for the seventh stage of “From Start to Finish: 10 Stages of Writing a Novel”.
• Learn how to take a break. (Really! Time can be your friend!)
• Learn how to celebrate your success. (We never do enough of it!)
• Learn how to get started on your revisions.

You will benefit from:

• A discussion of my euphoria and my worries, as well as what I’ve learned from the writers I work with as a book coach.
• Focused writing exercises
• Encouragement and advice to make it through this stage
• Q&A

This class is for
• Writers at the end of their novel
• Writers at any stage—what’s still to come for you?

Jen Braaksma is a writer, book coach and high school English teacher who has been through the writing wringer—and lived to tell the tale. Her first young adult fantasy novel will be published in 2022 (though it’s her fourth manuscript, so for all you not-yet-published writers out there, keep the faith!) She’s hard at work on a new adult fantasy novel, The Fairy Tale Fringe Festival. Be the first to hear all about it in Jen’s webinar episodes!

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