Sketching the Skeleton, an Outlining Process

How to wrangle your plethora of ideas, information and research into the start of a story structure.

Sketching the Skeleton: An Outline Process

A story isn’t just the plot, the what-happens. It’s why the events matter to your protagonist. We come to story to learn about the character’s inner journey, which is fueled by their external experiences. But how do you keep track of both when you’re dealing with hundreds of pages in a novel?

By stripping your story bare. Dig down to its foundation—in only a few pages. Create an outline that focuses only on “tentpole” scenes, scenes that are absolutely necessary to hold up your story. That way you can ensure the external plot arc and the internal character arc are both visible.

Join me for the third stage of “From Start to Finish: 10 Stages of Writing a Novel”.
·Learn how to identify “tentpole” plot scenes.
·Learn how to tie each of those scenes to the evolution of your protagonist’s inner journey.
·Learn how you can’t possibly get everything perfect at this stage—and that’s okay!!

You will benefit from:

·A discussion of my outline process as well as what I’ve learned from the writers I work with as a book coach.
·Focused writing exercises
·Encouragement and advice to make it through this stage

This class is for
·Writers at the beginning of their novel
·Writers at any stage—how well do you know the direction of your story?

Jen Braaksma is a writer, book coach and high school English teacher who has been through the writing wringer—and lived to tell the tale. Her first young adult fantasy novel will be published in 2022 (though it’s her fourth manuscript, so for all you not-yet-published writers out there, keep the faith!) She’s hard at work on a new adult fantasy novel, The Fairy Tale Fringe Festival. Be the first to hear all about it in Jen’s webinar episodes!

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