Gods of Our Universe, Character and World Building

Deciding, defining and refining the who, what, when, where, why and how of your story world.

EPISODE 2 of our From Start to Finish, 10 Stages of Writing a Novel
Gods of Our Universes: Character and Worldbuilding

We have the power! We create life! We create worlds! But with great power comes great responsibility. We need to craft characters who are rich, complex individuals. We need to design worlds that feel real and whole and believable.

Where to start?? By understanding your characters’ lives before they appear on your page. By diving into what they truly want—their internal desire—and why they think they can’t have it—their misbelief.

By understanding the world you build for them has to support your story.

Join me for the second stage of “From Start to Finish: 10 Stages of Writing a Novel”.
·Learn how to work with your characters’ backstories to drive their stories forward.
·Learn what’s involved in worldbuilding (even if your story is set in our world)—and what isn’t.
·Learn how to keep your focus when brainstorming is soooo much easier than honing your ideas.

You will benefit from:
·A discussion of my characters and worldbuilding as well as what I’ve learned from the writers I work with as a book coach.
·Focused writing exercises
·Encouragement and advice to make it through this stage

This class is for
·Writers at the beginning of their novel
·Writers at any stage—how well do you know your characters?

Jen Braaksma is a writer, book coach and high school English teacher who has been through the writing wringer—and lived to tell the tale. Her first young adult fantasy novel will be published in 2022 (though it’s her fourth manuscript, so for all you not-yet-published writers out there, keep the faith!) She’s hard at work on a new adult fantasy novel, The Fairy Tale Fringe Festival. Be the first to hear all about it in Jen’s webinar episodes!

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