Help! I Need More Words for my Book with Ruth Bullivant

You can’t edit a blank page. But what happens when you can’t think what else to write? Editing usually means cutting words out. This workshop will show you how to do the complete opposite.

You’ve typed “THE END” and breathed a sigh of relief. You’ve written a Protagonist the world is sure to fall in love with. The plot crackles with conflict, and the story is filled with characters ready to leap off the page. The logic of the story is bombproof, and you have sewn up the ending beautifully in the last chapter.

But the wordcount still says: 52,000 words. You were aiming for at least 75k. You check your laptop in case it’s broken. It isn’t. The awful truth is revealed. Your novel falls short of the industry standard for your genre by thousands, even tens of thousands of words.

You don’t want to pad. This session will help you find more of the right words so when we finish, you will feel a warm glow of confidence, knowing what your options are.

Join me for an interactive workshop to help you find more words for your book.

  • Learn how to uncover rich seams of potential in your book.
  • Learn how to read your work like a Reader.
  • Learn how to apply your critical Prospector’s eye to your manuscript.

You will benefit from:

  • An explanation of the publishing reason for obsession with wordcounts.
  • Discussing ten tips to find more words. Find out your secret, eleventh option.
  • Observing fellow writers being coached live on their pages. Maybe, you will be one of the lucky writers chosen for live coaching!.

This class is for:

  • Writers who have written or are galloping to the end of a draft of their novel but are worried it is too short.
  • Writers who are frustrated because publishers are rejecting their book as too short.
  • Writers who pride themselves on the efficiency of their language, have fallen short of their genre’s word count and despair of finding more to say in their book.

Ruth trained with the best book coach in the business: Jennie Nash of Author Accelerator, Inc. and as a practicing lawyer and writer of mysteries, she runs her coaching practice for time poor professionals who yearn to write. She lives near London in the UK with her husband.

Learn more at and connect with her on LinkedIn at .

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  • 2 Lessons