How to Find Your Book Idea in a Magazine Pitch with Amanda Polick

Most writers have a drawer full of ideas, but they’re not sure which one is the next one. It takes sincere time and energy to write a book, so how do you avoid writing an entire manuscript before knowing this is the book you should be writing? You start with a magazine pitch. There’s a long history of writers’ work appearing in magazines or newspapers before they wrote their books. In a single pitch, you can identify who your work is for, why you’re the one to write it and what your book is about.

Join HappyWriter guest teacher Amanda Polick as she shows you how to break through all of your ideas and find the one that’s perfect for you, using nothing but a magazine pitch. This class will include:

-4 steps to crafting a great magazine pitch + the secret sauce you may be missing
-How to find the right places to pitch and why you shouldn’t pitch everywhere
-The key to using rejection feedback
-Why you’re really stuck on choosing a book idea (and it’s not because you have too many to choose from)
-How to use this framework, even if you don’t pitch your idea
This class is for:
Any writer in fiction and memoir
Any writer looking to expand their audience
Any writer who has a bucket of book ideas, but doesn’t know which one to choose

Amanda Polick is a writer and book coach for food folks. Her work has been featured by Cooking Light, Time, Southern Living, Food & Wine, and she’s a food writing columnist for DIY MFA. Amanda lives in Nashville, Tennessee now, but a piece of her will be in California forever.

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