You’ve come so far. You have so many words. Yet somehow you never get to The End. Instead, you keep going back, fixing up the beginning, re-writing the opening, revising the middle until it seems like you’ll never be able to say you have a full draft finished. Fear not–this is normal. Everyone gets caught up in the revision-before-your-draft-is-done loop. This class will help you resist the urge to perfect that which may never need perfection and march boldly forward into the end of that book, releasing your fears that it’s all crap and you didn’t build up to this and the whole oh but wait I really need to go back and change that one character thing and just FINISH THAT DRAFT. Join New York Times best-selling author of The Chicken Sisters KJ Dell’Antonia as she demystifies the process of getting a story to those glorious (crappy) final words so that we can proudly declare, why yes! I’ve finished my first draft! before putting our heads down for all the hard work still to come.

This class is for:

  • Anyone who’s stalled in the middle of a novel.
  • Anyone who’s never really fully finished a draft.
  • Anyone who’s well on their way, but wants to be prepared to get to the finish line.
  • Anyone who’s ever been tempted to start revising before their draft is done.

KJ Dell’Antonia is the author of The Chicken Sisters, a New York Times bestseller, a Reese Witherspoon book club pick, and a timely, humorous exploration of the same themes she has long focused on in her journalism: the importance of finding joy in our families, the challenge of figuring out what makes us happy and the need to value the people in front of us more than the ones in our phones and laptops, every single time.  She wrote and edited the Motherlode blog at the New York Times and is also the author of the viral essay Why I Didn’t Answer Your Email and the book How to Be a Happier Parent. Her next novel, In Her Boots, about the gap between the adult we think we have become, the child our mother will always see, and our horrible fear that our mother is right, is coming Summer 2022.

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