How to Research Agents

Researching literary agents to pitch isn’t difficult, yet it can intimidate even the most fearless writer. The better fit an agent is for your work, the better luck you’ll have rising to the top of the slush pile. And cultivating an extensive list of suitable candidates to query is a necessary evil when it comes to finding representation.

Join HappyWriter community manager Abby Mathews as she demystifies the process of building your agent list. In this class, Abby will show you:

  • When to start looking for agents
  • How to go about finding them
  • How to choose the ones who are a good fit
  • How to keep track of all this information

This class includes a worksheet to help you comp your book, an Excel spreadsheet template to track your queries, and some quick reference “Cliff Notes” for the course.

 This class is for:

  • Any writer considering the traditional path to publishing
  • Any writer who is having difficulty building their agent list

Abby Mathews is a creative soul who spent the first 37 years of her life dabbling in the wrong art form. She worked her way through nearly every fine art medium before being inspired by her BFF to try her hand at writing. It stuck. She is currently in the trenches pitching her second middle grade book and is thrilled to share the process with the HappyWriter community.   

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Course Includes

  • 2 Lessons