How To Synopsis with Samantha Skal

How To Synopsis with Samantha Skal

Writing a synopsis is one of the most dreaded tasks in any ready-to-pitch writer’s life, but it doesn’t have to be. Condensing a 90,000-word manuscript down to less than two (double-spaced) pages is a tall order, but having a succinct, powerful synopsis for your manuscript is a key part of any agent pitch package. Although not required up front by every agent, many agents will request a synopsis when they request pages, so it pays to be ready. Additionally, the act of writing a synopsis is a fantastic tool for self-guided revision, as it can often expose plot holes and places where your manuscript can be shored up.

Join Book Coach and Author, Samantha Skal, as she breaks down the key steps in writing a synopsis that shines. In this class, Sam will show you:

●      How to get from a blank page to a succinct, clear synopsis
●      How to use your synopsis as a revision tool
●      What agents expect from a synopsis and why they’re so important

This class includes a worksheet to help you build your synopsis, and some quick reference notes for the course.

This class is for:

●      Any writer considering the traditional path to publishing
●      Any writer who has a full manuscript (or is close to having a full manuscript) and is actively revising

A fan of mysteries of all kinds, Samantha Skal (she/her) is an agented author currently working on her debut novel, and is proud to be an Author Accelerator certified book coach. After ten years working in HR in tech startups where she didn’t use her English Lit degree nearly enough, she is thrilled to have writing and story coaching be her full-time job. Her coaching practice focuses on fiction writers who have full manuscripts, who are seeking traditional publication, and are stuck in revision hell. An ex-pat from the Pacific Northwest now living in Switzerland, she is a fan of cheese of all kinds, leisure-kayaking in the rain, and well-maintained hiking trails with lots of flowers. She is also a huge fan of #bookstagram and talks about her favorite books and why book coaching is so awesome on @authorsamanthaskal. You can find out more about her on

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