Just Feel It: Rejection in the Writing World

Writing and rejection go hand in hand, but is it healthy to just “suck it up?”

If you’re a writer, rejection is inevitable.

Sooner or later, you’ll get it in some form, most likely by way of a rejection letter from an agent or an editor. (Not to mention the dreaded Bad Review that published authors–even famous ones–suffer!)

Most advice to writers comes along the lines of “Suck it up!” or “Stay positive!” but writer and book coach, Jen Braaksma, has a different take on what you should do:

Give yourself permission to be upset.  

In this mini-class, Jen encourages you to embrace what is, arguably, the most uncomfortable truth that writers have to face. 

Who is this mini-class for?
-Any writer whose work will ever see the light of day

Meet Jen

Jen Braaksma is a writer, teacher and book coach in Ottawa, Canada. She has the word “passion” tattooed on her wrist—literally!

It’s her philosophy: to live her passion.

No surprise, then, that she has a passion for writing and reading and teaching.

When she wrote her own books (four Young Adult novels and counting!) she was filled with self-doubt. She struggled to balance her day job, her roles as wife and mother of two daughters and her writing life—until she worked with her own book coach. Jen’s coach taught her how to get the job done and believe in her own work. Come let her help you do the same!

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