Honing Your PitMad Pitch

Honing Your PitMad Pitch with Book Coach Lidija Hilde and writer Abby Mathews

Do you find the whole idea of Twitter pitch contests terrifying? Come listen as book coach Lidija Hilje and writer Abby Mathews go over the ins and outs of Twitter pitching and help make the process a little less scary.

They’ll cover

-the rules
-the mindset you need to be in while you’re participating
-how to drill down to the critical information you need to convey in a pitch
-the parallels to querying in general
-tips for making the best of the whirlwind contest!

This is a demonstration video! Abby brings a mediocre pitch to the table. She and Lidija bleed red ink all over it in order to show you how to hone your pitch and take it from good to great.

Meet Lidja

In addition to being a book coach, Lidija is also a contemporary/women’s fiction writer, a passionate reader, an attorney at law gone rogue, a psychology enthusiast, an extroverted introvert (or is it the other way around?), and the human condition explorer.

She’s been dealing with stories—one way or the other—for as long as she can remember. In her time spent practicing law, she read each of her cases as if it were a story. Each of them had a specific story problem, a main thread as well as several subplots, main and supporting characters… sound familiar?

Trying cases before courts taught her to always keep the bigger picture in mind while simultaneously paying attention to details—the smaller wheels in motion. It also offered an invaluable insight into human condition—what makes people tick, what motivates them, and how they make sense of their (and other people’s) agendas. The wide variety of cases she worked on (from homicides, rapes, custody cases, to real-estate and inheritance) served as a rich display of human traits and motivation—a deep well she taps into, both as a writer and a book coach.

Meet Abby

Abby is the community manager here at HappyWriter. She’s also a creative soul who spent the first 37 years of her life dabbling in the wrong art form. She worked her way through nearly every fine art medium before being inspired by her BFF to try her hand at writing. She’s currently pitching her second middle grade novel and is thrilled to share the process with the HappyWriter community.

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