Plan to Publish: Publishing Options

Plan to Publish with Ruth BullivantLearn to navigate the publishing landscape and arm yourself with the information you need to make smart decisions that meet your publishing goals. End the session with an actionable plan to publish.

Understanding the differences between traditional, assisted, partnership, self, hybrid and independent publishing can be bewildering. Not knowing the difference can needlessly cost you money.

I help writers shift from confusion about their publishing options to confidence and clarity.

As a writer who wants to publish your book, you shouldn’t have to suffer doubt in not knowing your options. You should have access to the information you need to choose the right path for you and your book.

This workshop will show you:

How a traditional publisher works, exactly what a hybrid publisher is and how it differs from a printing company, and how

  • one goes about publishing and distributing a book independently

how money flows in book publishing and

  • what you shouldn’t, should and could pay for to have your book produced

cost-effective tools for creating your

  • own print book and ebook files

the basics of creating and distributing

  • audiobooks

the paths you and your book could take and the decisions you will need to make at crucial junctures so that you

  • create a plan that works for you.

Who should take this course? Any writer who is contemplating publishing for the first time and wants to know enough about the industry to

  • decide how to go about it

Any writer who is contemplating contracting with a publisher, traditional or hybrid, and wants to know what

  • questions they should ask before signing the contract – and why

Any writer who is already published by traditional or paid publishing services but wants to investigate a more

  • self-directed approach

Who should NOT take this class? Writers who have secured a publisher

  • and have no interest in exploring other options

Writers who already use and have accounts at Amazon KDP and IngramSpark and do not feel the need to learn more

  • about traditional or hybrid publishing

People who seek in-depth information on

  • offset printers, print runs, warehousing, etc.

How do I know if it’s worth my time attending this workshop? This is an important question, and it’s a tough one to answer. Every writer is different and a valuable webinar for one

  • person can end up being a disappointment to another.

If you have only a rudimentary understanding of the publishing industry in all its different forms, or if you know so little about it you are not clear on what your publishing goals could

  • be, then it will be worth your time attending.

As the workshop is designed to be hands-on and participative, you will get more out of it by attending in real-time

  • although you should still get some value from the recording.

Who is Ruth?

Ruth is an English book coach. She trained with the best book coach in the business: California’s Jennie Nash of Author Accelerator, Inc. As a practicing lawyer and writer of village mysteries, Ruth runs her coaching business for time-poor professionals who yearn to write. Her clients live all over the world and she specializes in helping writers make sense of their own lives in the wider world, whether in non-fiction or fiction. Join her mailing list at and get a free download of her curated list of books and tools to help your writing life.

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