Storytelling Spotlight: KJ Dell’Antonia

In this spotlight, we take a look at KJ Dell'Antonia's novel-writing process from start to finish. 

We often get bits and pieces of a writer’s writing process from interviews, podcasts, and the occasional YouTube video.

But have you ever wondered not just how a writer gets the job done, but what the job even is in the first place? What does it take to write a book? What steps does an author use to get from idea to finished book? 

In this nine video series, author KJ Dell’Antonia walks us through her writing process start to finish. We begin with how KJ finds ideas for novels and how she tests those ideas to see if they hold water. She walks us through her process for outlining, prewriting, drafting, and revision. And finally how she dives into working with help (a book coach, an agent, or an editor) to polish that manuscript and make it shine. 

In each video, KJ tells us her tips, tricks, and go-to resources for each stage in writing a book.   


KJ Dell’Antonia is the author of the viral New York Times essay Why I Didn’t Answer Your Email, the former editor of the Times’ Motherlode blog and the author of the book How to Be a Happier Parent. Her debut novel, The Chicken Sisters, is a timely, humorous exploration of the same themes she focuses on in her journalism: the importance of finding joy in our families, the challenge of figuring out what makes us happy and the need to value the people in front of us more than the ones in our phones and laptops, every single time.

It’s also the hysterically funny story of two small town sisters, one who stayed and one who left, each trying to use during a reality TV competition to finally resolve their ongoing feud over who made the better life choices. Expect picture-perfect lives that fall apart away from the camera, an all-chicken recreation of Stephen King’s Carrie and a manipulative host who really needs a donut—and expect to come away thinking about your own life choices, too.

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