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In this mini-class, book coach Ruth Bullivant goes over her tips for using your time to the best of your advantage. Ruth specializes in project management for time poor professionals who also write on the side. She knows a thing or two about making it happen. Once upon a time, Ruth was a corporate lawyer, who was also a mom writing a novel!

Do you feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything? If you manage to eek out a few minutes to write, you want to make the best use of your time, but you need some practical ideas how. In this short video, Ruth helps you avoid regret by forming a habit. She helps you figure out what your goal is and what’s stopping you from getting there.

Ruth is an international book coach, trained and certified by Author Accelerator, and founder of Ruth Bullivant Book Coaching. 

She is also a lawyer (the pic was a big clue, wasn’t it?) and an author.

Writers need a safe space to test their ideas. It’s not possible to write your best work entirely alone in the process from first draft to publication. Ruth asks the questions that help her clients go deeper into their story. As a result, they feel happier and more secure knowing what they have to do to finish their book.

She has clients from California to Cape Cod, and from Glasgow to Crete. She has been a lawyer in London for three decades and writes novels.

She knows how hard it is to write a compelling story that grips the reader. It’s a painful process and it is hard to be objective about your own creative work.

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