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HappyWriter has been the perfect mix of resources, encouragement, and inspiration. I love the connections I’ve made, and the trainings and workshops have been phenomenal. Brian and his team go above and beyond in making you feel supported and have the information you need to be successful on your writing journey.

– Rebecca, a HappyWriter

Instead of trying to get writers to merely increase the number of words on the page, the exercises HappyWriter teaches you how to put a finger on your own unique writing process and access the writer waiting inside you!

– Donell, a HappyWriter

HappyWriter gave me back the fire I’ve been missing. Brian’s not one-size-fits-all approach has been a game changer. If you’re lost without the how to, support and community, you’ll definitely, find it here. From beginners to advanced there’s something here for all levels of writers. I’ve never felt so at home. Grateful I’ve found my place at HappyWriter.♥️

– Kinsey, a HappyWriter

I love this platform! So much great content, an amazing collection of talented and super supportive fellow writers, and organizers who are friendly, accessible, and engaged. I couldn’t ask for a better compliment to my DIY MFA strategy than HappyWriter.

– Rebecca, a HappyWriter

HappyWriter gives you guidance, community, accountability, and support in developing your writing life. Brian and Abby work so hard to bring us access to some wonderful guest authors, editors, and coaches, so we can learn from and interact with them. They work just as hard to make sure we’re forging connections with each other through the dashboard, live events, and writing groups. We’re developing an authentic writing community there, and I’ve become so much more confident and dedicated to my writing in just a few months with HappyWriter. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

– Anamika, a HappyWriter